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Welcome to the Science Department page.

Intent of Curriculum
The aim of our science curriculum is to allow all learners to develop the necessary scientific knowledge, skills and vocabulary they need to develop a better understanding of the wider world. We believe that true academic development comes from immersing oneself thoroughly into a field of study. Deep knowledge of a subject area unlocks skills that are simply not accessible when one is restricted to a quick overview. We therefore aim to teach beyond the syllabus so that our young people learn the value of the importance of scientific discoveries and research and promote curiosity of science. Our curriculum also supports our learners in making connections between the different sciences, considers the ethical aspects of a range of science topics and gaining a well-rounded knowledge in order to consider different career pathways post 16.

Implementation of Curriculum
In the science faculty we are convinced of the importance of knowledge as a prerequisite to the development of skills. Students cannot think like a scientist, for example, until they have gained some mastery of the knowledge that informs the scientist’s thinking. We therefore place a high value, in the early stages of our curriculum, on the importance of instruction by the teacher: the teacher, as the expert in the classroom, plays a crucial role in passing on knowledge to our students.

Scientific concepts are taught by linking them to the real world making them more relevant for our students. In the latter stages of year 7, we begin to develop skills that are important to gain a deeper understanding of the sciences, all of which not only support our students through their exams but also in whatever educational and career path they choose to follow.

Ultimately, however, we want to engage, enrich and enthuse our students both through curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. STEAM club is open to students of all ages and is supported by teachers from each area of science, technology, engineering, art and maths. Students are encouraged to take part in one off activities as well as larger projects supported by local engineering companies where they can compete against students from other local schools.

Science career events, supported by local engineering companies, are held to expose students to a broad range of experiences and to raise their aspirations to consider
pursuing science at advanced levels.

At GCSE we follow AQA Combined Science Trilogy and the AQA Separate Sciences. The Separate Science pathway is offered to students based on their suitability and interest. 


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