Design & Technology

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Design and Technology at Barnwood Park gives students an understanding of a variety of materials and processes delivered through interesting and contemporary contexts. Underpinning everything we do is the development of problem solving skills and a greater understanding of the world around us. 

Our KS3 curriculum has been designed so that students are able to build upon their skills and understanding and develop a greater level of independence. Here is a basic outline of our current KS3 Scheme of Work:

Year Group Project Content
Year 7 Mechanical Teaching Aid Workshop safety, standards in design, mechanical systems, material selection, use of powered equipment
Year 8 Up-Cycled Lighting Electronics and circuit diagrams, polymers, environmental issues, product evaluation.
Year 9 Architectural Modelling Model making, drawing using perspective, 3D CAD modelling, collecting and analysing data, customer profiling. 

Our KS3 programme prepares students well for GCSE Design and Technology – this is an excellent choice for students planning a career in engineering or design. GCSE Design and Technology is taught through small design and make projects in Year 10, which cover the content and embed the learning. The 4 main areas covered in the GCSE are:-

·     New and Emerging Technologies

·     Energy, Materials, Systems and Devices

·     Materials and their Working Properties

·     Technical Principles

In Year 11 the students have complete a major design and make project and prepare for a final examination.

Please see the Year 9 Options Booklet for more detailed information on this course.