Religious Education

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‘Religious Education has been my most used subject after leaving school.’

Freddie Flintoff 

 During R.E. students will acquire and develop:

 ·    reasoning skills;

·     an ability to see the world from different perspectives;

·     debating skills;

·     deeper evaluative skills.


In R.E. students will also gain:

 ·    a deeper understanding of contemporary society;

·     respect for social, cultural, ethnic and religious diversity;

·     skills to actively participate in our complex and plural society.



R.E. is taught by Mrs Patel, Mrs Kerks, Mrs Keal and Mr Kane



Year 7: Creation Myths; All About Jesus; Islam

Year 8: Life After Death; Buddhism

Year 9:  Peace and Conflict; Medical Ethics




The Religious Studies GCSE looks at the beliefs and practices of two religions, alongside thematic studies. There are two papers:

  • Paper 1: Beliefs and Practises – Christianity and Islam


  •  Paper 2: Themes – students will study 4 themes from the 6 options

-Relationships and families

-Religion and life

- The existence of God and revelation

- Religion, peace and conflict

- Religion, crime and punishment

- Religion and life