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Welcome to Textiles. 

Art Textiles a creative course, giving students the chance to explore ideas and themes whilst developing the ability to explore and learn a range of textiles skills and processes across both KS3 and KS4. Students may join in year 7 with a varying of levels of skill but our common aim is that, by the time they leave in year eleven, every student will have learnt important life skills.

Our KS3 scheme work has been designed so that students are able to gradually build upon their skills and understanding. All our projects start with developing drawing skills and use of art media and materials.  These then develop into learning textile techniques and processes which the students use to develop final outcomes. Here is a basic outline of our current KS3 Scheme of Work:


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Our KS3 programme blends well into our AQA GCSE Textile Design course – this is an excellent choice for both career path as well as developing those important life skills. Exploring exciting starting points and themes allow our students to develop personal work that showcases their interests and ability. We introduce new techniques and skills and build upon the existing skills learnt in KS3. Please see the Year 9 Options Booklet for more detailed information on this course.