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Barnwood Park is a foundation school admitting girls and boys from all levels of ability into Year 7 and into Year 8 from September 2019. We admit girls from all levels of ability into all other years.

The County Council deals with admissions into Year 7. The school deals with admissions of all other year groups. The standard admission number from September 2019 for Year 7 intake is 180. For all other year groups prior to September 2019 the standard admission number is 150.  

Guidance on admissions procedures is contained in the booklet published by, and available from Gloucestershire County Council, Shire Hall, Gloucester. Advice on the admissions procedure is available from the Children and Young Peoples Directorate, telephone number 01452 425000

The right of appeal is to a panel made up of members of the public who are independent of the chosen school and independent of the local authority.  Before launching an appeal for your child to have a place at Barnwood Park, we would urge you to consider whether you have grounds for appeal that go beyond suggesting that your child (like many others) would benefit from a Barnwood Park education.  Please also be aware that the distance between the school and your home address has already been considered as part of the original allocation process so this alone, is unlikely to form sufficient grounds for a successful appeal.

Timetable for Appeals 2019-2020 transfer to Secondary school
Any appeal applications lodged by 5th April 2019 MUST be heard by 28th June 2019.
Any appeals lodged after 5th April 2019 date must be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.

Gloucester County Council School Admissions Page

Barnwood Park School Admissions Policy 2020

School Admissions Appeal Form (MS Word | Adobe PDF

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