Careers Fayre Success

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Barnwood held is annual careers Fayre on Thursday 10th October. Year 9 students were delighted to be invited to the lunchtime session and the Hall was buzzing with their excitement at talking to the contributors.

Years 10 & 11 spent the afternoon interacting with local employers, apprenticeship providers, 6th forms and colleges. Students were then invited back after school with their parents.

Seeing so many different options and paths really opened up my eyes and expanded my knowledge of what’s in store for post 16. I enjoyed it very much and felt as though it was a very valuable event to have happened which has made me more excited for the future compared to the fear I felt earlier. I’m so glad barnwood park offers this as an opportunity as I now have an idea of what I’m thinking to do after I leave here. Thank you very much for this and to help us in the most beneficial way.

Year 11 student

For further information regarding careers and post 16 please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Adams.