Centrestage 2017

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On the 21st & 22nd February Barnwood Park Arts College held their annual CentreStage Dance Show. The show kicked off with an audience packed with pupils from 3 different very excited primary Schools from around Gloucester as well as Barnwood Parks very own Y7 students on the afternoon of Tuesday 21st February

The first evening held an audience of close to 200 parents, students, members of the public and staff. The show consisted of 19 dances from a cast of 64 students including a full cast opening dance which was exciting and fast paced, a Contemporary trio with elegant moves and floating skirts, a moving and emotion filled duet based on a fight against breast cancer, an energetic circus dance complete with a ringmaster, animals and gymnastics, some old school HipHop from DanceCo which was intense and perfectly in sync, and a dance based on Southern Cape Zebras with a beautiful sun rise and sun set to name a few.

Centrestage was continued the next afternoon with another performance to more primary pupils, some visitors from a care home and Barnwood Park Y8 students. The show closed in the evening of the 22nd with a 200 strong audience who enjoyed every minute.

Mrs Keen who created the show said “I look forward to this time every year as it is an opportunity to show off the wonderful talent here at Barnwood Park Arts College. We are very proud of these young ladies, not for just producing engaging and inspirational performances but by passing their passion onto others through leadership, they are supportive of each other and as a cast always strive to produce the best show possible for you, the audience.”


Quote From Mrs S Tufnell (Headteacher at Barnwood Park Arts College)

"Barnwood Park held its prestigious annual Centre Stage Dance show this week.  It was a glorious display of exquisite talent by 64 students, representing every year group in the school.  As always, the performances were spellbinding, exciting, vibrant, uplifting, emotional, poignant and moving in varying degrees, but always, thoroughly professional.  It really was a joy to watch and makes me feel so lucky to be the Head here at Barnwood Park.  The vast majority of the dances were choreographed by the students themselves.  It was lovely to see so many girls from Years 7-10 performing, which will ensure that we will continue to see such wonderful performances in the future, but it was particularly emotional to see the Year 11 dancers performing in their final Centre Stage performance here at BPAC.  Their pieces showed how they have developed and matured into confident, extremely talented performers.  They even created a Y11 Goodbye Dance and found it difficult to leave the stage afterwards!

Huge thanks go to Mrs Keen and her staff helpers, together with the three students who were the Technical Crew.

Thank you everyone – fantastic as ever!  Mrs T"


Quote from a BPAC school Governor Mrs Lovell

"It is, once again, a pleasure to contact you to express my congratulations to everyone involved in the latest Centre Stage production. Every year I am impressed by the high standards of the show. Students have clearly spent many hours practising and developing their skills, with the help of several committed members of staff. The production was professional with all the hallmarks of discipline, organization and a sense of fun and enjoyment that were a delight to see. These were communicated to the appreciative audience throughout the show. Having seen three Centrestage productions, this year I was particularly struck by the progress some of the students have made since my first attendance. Their talents have developed well in an environment where their abilities have been fostered and valued."


Quote from neighbours of the school

"We have just returned home from an outstanding dance programme that your students have performed this evening. You have some very capable and talented young ladies at Barnwood Park as was evident from the various pieces designed and performed. Speaking personally, I think the two pieces that most impressed me were the kangaroo rats and the following piece portraying the breast cancer. Very moving. Thank you again for allowing us to spend a most interesting and entertaining evening. Your students are to be congratulated."


Quote from a parent

"Last nights Centrestage show was fantastic! Not only was watching my daughter but the whole show was absolutely amazing. We were all completely overwhelmed by the standard of girls and how professional the show was that we all wanted to return the following night to watch again. I have watched the show every year since my daughter starting Barnwood and last night exceeded all expectations. I always speak highly of Barnwood Park and my daughters love and passion for dance and the encouragement she has received. My Daughter will miss the huge support from staff and preforming in the show in her final year with you. Thank you for providing a school with such fantastic opportunities."

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