Cyber Security Residential Course

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Five students from Year 9 were sponsored by GCHQ to attend this residential course.

The three days involved learning about the various ciphers used in encrypting messages, different forms of malware and how to keep themselves as safe as possible when using the internet It was a brilliant experience for our students.

They had a fantastic time and enjoyed every aspect of the course. They were able to see what university campus life is like and had the opportunity to meet up with students from across Britain.

The five students, Bhavya Byju, Imogen Coughlin, Jasmine Overthrow, Kimberley Richings and Morgan Wilce were all in different teams and competed against each other to complete the various tasks set.

Jasmine Overthrow was a member of the winning team which gave an excellent presentation to the rest of the students and many adult guests on keeping ourselves safe on the internet We thank GCHQ for their ongoing interest and support of our students in giving them opportunities to explore the use of mathematics in the outside world.