First Week At Barnwood

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Our new Year 7 students have now completed a whole week at Barnwood Park. They have made friends, learnt how to find their classes, learnt that getting lost isn't so bad after all and have realised that you can actually buy food with your fingerprint. They have also (hopefully) learnt how to do up a tie amongst lots of other grown-up skills!


My favourite thing about Barnwood Park is that they have Summer School in the 6 weeks holiday and it helps you know the school. Annabelle Faulkner.

So far at Barnwood everyone has been really kind and helpful, I have loved it! Alice Orchard.

So far I love this school! I like the fact that on the first day I realised that all of the girls were smartly dressed and everyone showed each and every one of us respect. So far my favourite lessons are Spanish, Art, Futures and P.E. Kitty Tabaiwalu.

I was really nervous about starting Barnwood Park because it seemed like such a huge jump from Primary School. I was relieved when I started this week to find the staff so friendly and helpful even when I had to ask for directions to my classes. I think the three day induction and the week of Summer School also helped as I already had an idea of what lessons were available. I have enjoyed my first week at Barnwood especially History and Drama. Lara Hall.

 We look forward to the next 5 years at Barnwood Park!