Japanese Visitors 2019

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On 18th November Barnwood Park welcomed 32 students from Shukutoku Sugamo High School in Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese students visited England to travel and learn about English places and culture as well as English as a language. The whole school (420 students) were on a visit to the UK with Cotswolds Wind Academy for 5 days. Students were split up into year groups and visited different schools and areas of interest. The students were also taking part in home stays with UK host families to get a taste of UK living.

The students that visited Barnwood Park did some presentations to some Year 8 students on Japanese culture. Following the presentation the Japanese students ran culture workshops with Barnwood Year 7 students in origami, a game with wooden bats amongst others and our Headteacher even had a go at making a paper airplane! Our students learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

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