Tea With A Scientist

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In Science at Barnwood we are keen to encourage the girls to consider careers in Science.  We have been running ‘tea with a scientist’ sessions with some selected students from Year 9, 10 and 11 whom have shown a particular flare or passion for Science.  In December we had representatives from Raytheon in Barnwood come and teach the girls about coding and talk about their personal route through science education into cyber security.

At the start of February we welcomed Salma Bello and Christine Waata from EDF energy.  Both of these women were inspirational and were able to talk to the girls about their successful career progression in engineering, despite it being generally perceived to be a male dominated industry.

The purpose of the sessions is to demonstrate to students that in the locality there are a range of opportunities in science related careers that could potentially offer exciting and fulfilling careers.  We hope in the future to roll this out to involve more students.