Organ Donation Presentation

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Last week in PSHE Y10 students had a talk regarding Organ Donation by Geoff and Lily Gidley – they started by telling their story. Geoff suffered from Kidney failure and Lily donated one of her kidneys to him. As well as telling their story they spoke to the students about the importance of organ donation and gave some examples of people who had donated or received organs. They also went through all the organs that can be donated. The final part of the presentation talked about the new law change in April 2020.

Thursday’s group were also lucky to speak to a gentleman called Steve Syer – Steve holds the honour of being Britain’s longest surviving heart transplantee, having received this over 35 years ago. He has also recently had a kidney transplant from his wife Chris, who donated one of hers when he experienced Kidney failure - Chris was here as well.

Students were able to ask questions about organ donation as well as asking Geoff, Lily, Steve and Chris about their experiences.