Record Success in Junior UKMT

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2016 saw a record number of certificates for our Year 7 and Year 8 students in the recent Junior UKMT (United Kingdom Mathematics Trust). Students had to answer challenging mathematical questions in an hour which demanded high level thinking and excellent problem solving skills. As a Mathematics department we are proud of what our students have attained in this nationwide UKMT competition. Many other students missed a certificate by one or two marks and they deserve our congratulations too.


Gold certificates – Year 8
Brodie Brain
Charlotte Bankes

Silver certificates – Year 8
Jemima Tyler
Malika Ouiles
Jessica Glass

Bronze certificates – Year 8
Sophie Townsend
Bailey James
Kayleigh Dix
Ashlyn Brewster
Khalisah Islam
Georgie England
Beatrice Kenworthy

Bronze certificates – Year 7
Mariam Khan
Safa Siddiq
Lucy Partridge
Georgia Hall
Maisie McGuigan
Emily Thomson
Taylor Young