Science Club On Fire!

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In Science club students have been taking part in the "methane bubbles" experiment. This is where students scoop up a handful of "methane bubbles", they hold their arms outstretched, take a deep breath, we put a lighted splint to the bubbles and then the bubbles burn with a big flame!!! But... it only lasts for 2 seconds, not long enough to burn their hands at all. This and the fact that they wet their hands first, means they walk away, feeling brave and spectacular, but thankfully, totally unscathed!!

Other activities include making rockets, making sparklers, the biggest bubble challenge, dissecting chicken legs, making an electromagnet and many more.....

If you are in Y7 or Y8 interested in joining us, please come along!

Science Club runs Thursday after school in Sc5, 3.15-4pm, see Mrs Hanlon for more information.