SEND Information Report

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is Miss Young and she can be contacted via the school email address:

How does our school know/identify that children have special educational needs (SEN)?

What are the first steps our school will take if special educational needs are identified?

What should parents/carers do if they think their child has SEN? How can they raise concerns?

How will our school include parents and students in planning support?

How will our school teach and support children with SEN?

Funding Information page

Guide for Parents and Carers (DfE)

Who will be working with your child?

How does our school ensure that the information about a child’s SEN or EHCP is shared and understood by teachers and all relevant staff who come into contact with that child?

What role will the student’s Form Teacher play?

What expertise does our school and our staff body have in relation to SEN?

Which other services do we use to provide for and support our students?

How does our school provide support to improve the emotional and social developments of our SEN students?

What access do our SEN students have to facilities and extra-­‐curricular activities available to all children?

Who will be talking to and keeping in touch with the parent/carer? (working together towards outcomes, reviewing arrangements; including Children in Care (CiC).

How will our school involve young people with SEN in their education?

What accredited and non-accredited courses do we offer for young people with SEN?

How do we assess and evaluate the provision we have arranged for your child?

How do we prepare our school to welcome and support SEN students and how do we arrange and support transfer to another school/educational establishment?

 Where can you find our SEN policy?

What role do the governors have? What does our SEN Governor do? 

What can you do if you are not happy?

How can parents/carers arrange a visit to our school? What is involved? 

Who can you contact for more information?