Student Absence

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As a school we will expect our students to achieve at least 96% attendance.

If you have any queries regarding this change, or any other attendance related matter please contact the school's Attendance Manager. 

Click here for Request for a leave of Absence during Term Time form

Attendance and Punctuality

We encourage parents/carers to ensure their child achieves a maximum attendance. However, should your child be absent for any reason please phone 01452 530389 by 8:30am on each day of absence or contact us via email at If a message has not been received by 9:15 am our Attendance Manager will contact you via text/phone.

“An excellent attendance record is essential if you are going to be able to perform to the best of your ability at school”.

If a student has to stay at home because of illness please follow these steps:

• Parent or carer should contact the school before 8:30am on each day of absence and leave a message on the absence line.

• State the full name of the student, students form and conditions of illness.

• Parents and carers must follow up each absence with a note which will be added to the students file.


If a student is absent from school without permission this will be identified as truancy and appear as such on school records, students will incur a sanction for this.


Medical and dental appointments

Click here for Request for Leave for Medical Appointment form

Unless genuinely unavoidable all medical and dental appointments should be made outside school time. If there are on-going medical issues please let the school know so arrangements for extra support for your child can be made.


Family Holidays

Family holidays must not be arranged during school time because it disrupts work and progress. Family holidays during school time will not be authorised.


Special circumstances

As a school we recognise that sometimes a student may need to have time away due to special circumstances, please contact the Attendance Manager to discuss your needs further and put forward any arrangements to the Head Teacher.


Morning Registration

Students should register promptly at 8:40am, if they arrive late they must sign in with the Attendance manager. This will be counted as an absence and an absence note is required. If a student arrives late and fails to sign in it is likely parents and carers will receive a text message or phone call from our Attendance Manager.


Fixed term Penalties

Gloucestershire Local authority have implemented a system of fines for parents and carers of students who have 10 or more unauthorised absences from school. For more information please visit the Gloucestershire Local Authority website here


“The world is run by those who turn up”

Attending school every day = 100% Attendance

Attending 4.5 days a week = 90% Attendance = 4 Weeks missed per Year

Attending 4 days a week = 80% Attendance = More than half a term missed per year

Attending 3.5 days a week = 70% Attendance = More than a quarter of the school year missed.

An average attendance of 80% or less across a childs school career adds up to missing a whole 2 years of school.

Being late for school reduces learning time

If your child is late 5 minutes every day = 3 days learning a year missed

If your child is late 15 minutes every day = 2 weeks of learning a year missed

Make every minute count



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