Scopay Online Payments

Scopay Online Payments Login

Scopay online payments allows parents more choice in how they pay for school items. Cash and cheques are still accommodated in the normal way, but parents also have the option to pay online, by debit or credit card.

Simply log in using the link above to see a list of outstanding payment items including Trips and Visits, Revision Guides and Music Tuition. Choose which ones to pay, and a prefered payment method.


  • Simple to use web interface.
  • Payments are made through WorldPay so they’re secure and reliable.
  • Fully automated update of school records; no manual intervention.
  • Parents can view their payment history online.

Cashless Catering

Students can also pay for food & drinks in the school Canteen electronically using their fingerprint! Parents can top up lunch money online, or students can top-up using the coin/note machine in the Canteen. No more forgetting lunch money, no more losing lunch money.

If you are a parent or student and would like your unique login details, please email

Please note that any payments added to your basket for Trips & Visits, Music Tuition, or Revision Guides will be paid directly to the Barnwood Park Arts College bank account.  Payments added to your basket for catering will be paid directly to Aspens Catering's bank account.  You will need to click on each basket and authorise them separately.

Catering payments will securely top up student’s account.  Students in receipt of Free School Meals will get automatic daily top-ups added to their accounts for use each day.  Unused FSM allowances are cleared at close-of-business.


  • More payment options for parents.
  • Reduced administration workload for schools.
  • Reduced risk of pupils losing cash.
  • Less cash in school.

To log in to your online payment account, please use the Tucasi link at the top of this page, or on the Links Bar at the top of the homepage.


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