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Textiles Artist Workshop

We were delighted to welcome Jo Teague, a Textiles Artist to Barnwood Park. She met with a group of our Year 9s and shared with them some of her experience.  Previously an Art teacher, Jo Teague has expanded her practice into teaching sewing machine and craft classes to groups- becoming involved projects supporting community arts in Gloucestershire. She is currently working with ‘Voices of Gloucester’ to create a collaborative Textile Garment. 

As part of this project, on 12th June Jo Teague discussed the history of Gloucester and how community spirit has evolved over time and this got students to think about the things that they considered were important to them. Students were inspired to create intricate embroidery panels that would be attached to the Garment. Even Mrs Workman contributed to the piece by embroidering her own section based on the notorious ‘Tower Block Landmark’ at Gloucester Hospital.             

The Textile garment will be part of an exhibit to celebrate Gloucester Day on Saturday 22nd September. Gloucester day is festival in celebration of the history of Gloucester where the community comes to together to celebrate the lifting of the siege of Gloucester – in 1643. All families, friends and communities are welcome to join the celebration and this will give Barnwood Park students a chance to see their fabulous Textile work on show!


Textile designers collaborate with design teams, fashion houses, fabric manufacturers, retailers, and buyers. In addition, textile designers with experience can serve in various roles within the textile design field, including surface designers, interior designers, embroidery designers, or even textile historians.

Textile careers have a variety of different entry points from a Bachelors degree, an Internship or an entry level job as an assistant in a design firm from 18.