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Welcome to Barnwood Park

I am delighted to welcome you to Barnwood Park.

At Barnwood Park, we have worked hard to ensure our students feel safe in an environment where they can work hard, learn effectively, enjoy their journey and be successful.  All of our stakeholders join together and build strong relationships to become a part of the Barnwood Park family…

  • 3 Guiding Principles

    1. Live without harming others

  • 3 Guiding Principles

    2. Do acts of kindness

  • 3 Guiding Principles

    3. Show respect for others

  • Parent, Barnwood Facebook Page

    I can honestly say from the moment we walked into school on Open Day we knew it was the right school. The determination and dedication of the staff, and the quality of teaching is obvious.

  • Ofsted 2019

    The school is a welcoming and inclusive environment

House Points

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