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The Art and Design Curriculum at Barnwood Park is taught at Key Stage 3 through three distinct strands; “Art” (based on traditional drawing and painting), “Textiles Art” and “Digital Art”. Every year students follow these disciplines on a rotating carousel, which gives them a balanced and well-rounded education. They normally have a weekly double lesson in each subject, once a year for a full 12-14 week unit.


The subjects are designed to complement each other, and are taught using the same values and beliefs that underpin the need for them to learn what it is to be an artist and for them to develop their creative potential. These include the development of understanding key concepts such as composition, colour, independence, courage, confidence with materials and awareness of context. As they move into Year 9 they also learn how to develop a more in-depth approach to creating a sustained outcome. 


All three subjects are taught through self-contained projects such as “Colour and Pattern”, “Fashion Design”, “Printing from Nature” and “Surrealism”. Students explore the work of other artists, countries, cultures and ages, and use this appreciation to inform and inspire their own ideas and outcomes. Learning is supported through a range of sources including first-hand recording from observation as well as from imagination and the internet.

Students are expected to develop creative responses using a range of techniques and processes relevant to the discipline, showing an increasingly independent and resilient approach. The teachers place emphasis on developing confidence with fundamental skills in order that all children can access the learning.


Students are supplied with sketchbooks that record their journey through Key Stage 3 in each of the three subjects, and there is an expectation that these books will be completed with pride in their growing achievements whatever their aspirations.

All class and homework is marked regularly using a range of methods, including peer and self-assessment. The criteria for the levels they can achieve are always laid out clearly in assessment sheets with space for their own comment alongside the teachers, to help them understand how they have done well and how they can make further progress. 

At the end of their Key Stage 3 education in Art and Design in Year 9 students have the option of continuing their creative studies at KS4 in GCSE Fine Art, GCSE Photography or GCSE Textiles; our priority is to ensure that they can make an informed choice for what is right for them. For those who do wish to continue on a related path, we believe our Scheme of Work in Art and Design gives them the confidence to begin a new set of challenges.