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Covid-19 Information & Support

School attendance following the National, compulsory school lockdowns due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, became mandatory for all students from 8 March 2021. This meant from that point, the usual rules on school attendance applied again.

There continues to be scenarios where a student is unable to attend school in line with public health advice because they are self-isolating and having symptoms or a positive test result themselves; or because they are a close contact of someone who has coronavirus (COVID-19). At the end of a period of enforced absence, the student must then return to school.

As the number of vaccinated people in the population increases, guidelines change and these are regularly shared in the published letters from the Head teacher.

Due to a number of factors including the uncertainty that has been imposed on us for a significant period of time, many of us continue to be affected and pushed along the mental health continuum.


Get the latest guidance about Covid-19 here: 

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Please be advised that the Government have recently revised and increased their definition of the ‘vulnerable’ category. Further information can be found here.