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Creative iMedia (GCSE)

This qualifications will assess the application of creative media skills through their practical use. It will provide you with essential knowledge, transferable skills and tools to improve your learning in other subjects with the aims of enhancing your employability.

It will encourage independence, creativity and awareness of the digital media sector.

Creative iMedia will equip you with a range of skills, knowledge and understanding including:

  • Conducting research for a creative digital media product.
  • Creating mood boards and storyboards.
  • The properties and limitations of file formats for still images, audio and moving images.
  • How different purposes and audiences influence design.
  • Types and properties of digital graphics and their suitability for use in creating images.
  • How legislation applies to creative media production.
  • How to use a range of tools and techniques in web authoring software to create a multipage website.
  • How to insert assets into web pages to create planned layouts (e.g. tables, graphics).
  • How to create original 2D and 3D digital characters using suitable digital character creation software.


Mandatory Units

Unit R093: Creative iMedia in the media industry

This is assessed by taking an exam. In this unit you will learn about the media industry, digital media products, how they are planned, and the media codes which are used to convey meaning, create impact and engage audiences. Topics include:

  • The media industry
  • Factors influencing product design
  • Pre-production planning
  • Distribution considerations

Unit R094: Visual identity and digital graphics

This is assessed by completing a set assignment. In this unit you will learn to how to develop visual identities for clients and use the concepts of graphic design to create original digital graphics to engage target audiences. Topics include:

  • Develop visual identity
  • Plan digital graphics for products 
  • Create visual identity and digital graphics.


Optional Units

The optional unit we will study will give you some of the knowledge, understanding and skills required if you wished to follow a career in web site design or digital graphics.

For example…

Unit R095: Characters and comics

This is assessed by completing a set assignment. In this unit you will learn how to plan, create and review comics which contain original characters. Topics include:

  • Plan characters and comics
  • Create characters and comics
  • Review characters and comics