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Governing Body

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  Name Election Dates Committee Appointed by Relevant Business & Pecuniary Interests
LA Representative x1  Simon Holden Elected 25/05/23
Expires 24/05/27
Finance LA None
Parent Governors x3 Jonathan Haviland Elected 11/10/21
Expires 10/10/25
Finance Parents Son at the school
  Stephen Tuffin Elected 25/09/17
Re-elected 04/10/21
Expires 03/10/25
Community Parents Daughter at the school
Partnership Governors x2 Steven Whitehorn Elected 18/05/15
Re-appointed 08/07/19 and 12/07/23
Expires 07/07/27
Performance FGB Friend of member of staff at the school
Co-Opted Governors x7 Mary Higgins - CHAIR OF GOVERNORS Appointed 01/04/14 -31/0318 (LEA Gov), Re-appointed 01/05/15 as Co-Opted Gov, Re-appointed 08/07/2019 as Co-Opted Gov, ELECTED AS CHAIR Sept 2015,16,17,18,19,20,21, 22, 23 Performance FGB None
  David Lord Elected 28/01/22
Expires 27/01/26
Community FGB None
  Sheila Newman Elected 10/07/17
Re-appointed 20/05/21
Expires 19/05/25
Community FGB Neighbour
  Tina Morris Elected 30/11/23
Expires 29/11/27
Community FGB Daughter at school
  Dale Wicks Appointed 11/02/21
Expires 10/02/25
Finance FGB Son at school
Employed by Lloyds Banking Group
  Debbie Griffin Elected 01/2013, Re-appointed 01/05/15 as Co-Opted Gov, Re-appointed 08/07/2019 and 12/07/23
Expires 07/07/2027
Community FGB Member of staff
Staff Governors x1 Amy Fitzgerald-Johnson Appointed 26/11/21
Expires 25/11/25
Performance Staff Member of staff
Headteacher Karen Clinton Appointed 01/09/22 Finance Committee Member of staff
Clerk Victoria Quinn  Appointed 01/09/22     Member of staff


FGB Attendance Log

Governor Names 09/03/23 25/05/23 12/07/23 19/09/23 30/11/23 14/03/24 23/05/24
Mary Higgins    
Karen Clinton    
Claire Weaving End  
Stephen Tuffin    
Jonathan Haviland    
Steven Whitehorn    
David Lord    
Sheila Newman    
Bob Whittard End    
Dale Wicks    
Simon Holden        
Tina Morris            
Amy Fitzgerald-Johnson    
Debbie Griffin    


Names of Governors who served on Board of Governors in the past 12 Months who no longer serve.

Claire Weaving - 23/01/24

Bob Whittard - 20/11/23