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School Results and Performance

The attainment at Barnwood Park for students has been maintained overall since winning a DfE ‘Most Improved School’ award. All teachers continue to strive to improve performance to ensure all students achieve and progress well, and enjoy their learning.

More detailed subject results for recent years can be found in the ‘Exam Headlines’ documents linked to on this page. The School Performance Data can be explored in detail at  Or contact the school. We are proud of the progress made in attainment and pleased to talk about it.

Data is validated data from the Department for Education.

§ Data for 2020 and 2021 was not required to be published by the school. It is included for useful reference. There are no Progress 8 scores for these years as these were not published by the DfE as part of the response to Covid-19. In 2021 exams were replaced by Teacher Assessed Grades. In 2020 exams were replaced by Centre Assessed Grades plus an algorithm to adjust grades if necessary.

*       The English Baccalaureate includes English, Maths, at least 2 science GCSEs, a language and a humanity subject (History or Geography)

#       Attainment 8 began in 2016. It shows average points for all students across 8 subjects, including English & Maths and at least 3 from Science, Humanities and Languages.  Progress 8 began in 2016. It includes all students and measures their progress from KS2 to the end of KS4

^       This is the most recent DfE data. 2021 refers to 2018-19 cohort. No data was published for 2020



The GCSE results for 2021 were given using Teacher Assessed Grades. The Teacher Assessed Grades were carefully and rigorously decided for each student for each subject following a clear school policy and looking very closely at a wide range of evidence including performance on mock exams, non-exam assessment, and the work students did every day in class. They were a holistic professional judgment balancing the different sources of evidence and using our knowledge and experience - for example of how the performance of these students compares to other students in previous years and how students with similar achievements have performed. We considered each student’s performance over the course of study and made a fair and robust judgement on the grade the evidence supported. Our Teacher Assessed Grade Policy was approved by regulators and exam boards confirmed the rigour and validity of grades given.

Subject Outcomes

We are very pleased with how nearly all of our subjects compare very favourably with National Results at standard level (Grade 4/C+) and at the higher level of grade 7/A+, despite the fact that our 2021 cohort was below national average ability on entry to the school. When looking at Option Subjects, note that Option Subjects may have students with very different prior attainment. This may mean a lower % still means excellent progress for the class.

Headline Measures