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2 groups over the past 6 weeks have had 3 sessions from the National Citizen Service – these sessions are being provided to help the students with their future when they leave Barnwood Park. Topics that the students have covered have been exam and revision technique and how to cope with exam stress. Strategies were given to the students to help them with how to revise and the best way to achieve this. Strategies were also given to students to help them when it comes to the exams themselves.

The second session was looking at the different pathways that they could follow when they leave Barnwood Park. Information was given about A-Levels, T-Levels, College courses and apprenticeships. Advantages for each were discussed so that students could see the difference and work out what would be best for them in relation to how they study and work. The third session has been looking at budgeting and a game was played where they had to make decisions about money. They were given a budget to begin with and, playing the game they either earned or lost money. This was to get them to think about budgeting in the future and thinking  about how they would spend and save money. They were given options to choose from.

NCS will continue to come into these lessons after Christmas where they will be looking at different topics and subjects, again to help them in the future.