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Afterschool Art Workshops

We welcomed Abi Nicol from Creative Futures into school, along with local artist Christine Sadler, on Thursday 7th February to deliver the second of the five workshops to 20 Year 9 and Year 10 students. This workshop focused on Fine Art where students were tasked to design a piece of calming artwork for a hospital. The results were fantastic, original and allowed students to explore their artistic skills and ideas. 

The third workshop with Abi took place on Thursday 22nd February with local ceramist Karen Hiller. This workshop focused on students creating a public art sculpture for people with sensory needs using clay as a sculpting medium. The designs were varied and original, and it was a fantastic opportunity for students to work with clay.

Abi and local artist Natasha MacVoy delivered an “Immersive Creations” workshop on Thursday 29th February. This was the fourth of the five workshops. Students worked to transform the Textiles workshop into a creative immersive experience using a range of materials and projectors. This work was inspired by the “Waking the Tiger” exhibition currently on in Bristol.

The final workshop with Abi Nicol took place on Thursday 7th March with costume designer Lois Edmunds who has worked for many different theatre companies and productions. This workshop focused on students creating a waistcoat for a theatre.  Students decorated and embellished calico waistcoats using inks, paint, fabrics, applique shapes, buttons.  They achieved some great results.