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Announcement About Academisation


Statement on behalf of the Board of Governors of Barnwood Park School and the Board of Trustees of the Greenshaw Learning Trust

We are pleased to announce that following due diligence and a period of stakeholder engagement, the Board of Governors of Barnwood Park School and Greenshaw Learning Trust (GLT), have agreed that Barnwood Park School will join GLT. 

The proposal was widely publicised, and stakeholders, including staff and union representatives, were given the opportunity to ask questions and share their views. 

Issues and questions raised during the period of stakeholder engagement were responded to, and were considered carefully by both Boards in arriving at this decision. 

GLT is a high-performing Multi Academy Trust already serving three schools in Gloucester. The Board of Governors believe the expertise and experience of GLT will be of significant benefit to the present and future students of Barnwood Park.

Barnwood Park and GLT will now work closely together over the coming weeks to ensure a smooth transition. 

Mary Higgins, Chair of Governors, Barnwood Park School.