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New Student Parliament

Congratulations to Simi and Jess, our new Head Students.  Both students are excited to have been appointed after a rigorous application process which included a presentation to all staff.  In their first official role, both Simi and Jess addressed the parents/carers of our new Year 7 students last week and were excellent ambassadors for the school.  

In his speech, Simi said ‘I am very proud to be the first boy to have the honour of being head student…Barnwood Park school is distinct and is a place where peace, joy and love rule. Morally and academically the school is very good and unique. It is a school where all the teachers are very dedicated and give you all the necessary support you may need to excel in your life. They have listening ears and are always happy to help students in their academic pursuits. They really understand student needs.’ 

Jess also welcomed the students and said ‘Moving up from primary school can be daunting but if you are a little worried or anxious, there are lots of people who will help you. Our House Mentors are available and will provide support for any student struggling or who wants some advice.  The staff are very supportive and are good at ensuring we get the right support at the right time….Barnwood Park is a school that provides lots of opportunities to get involved in clubs, summer school and trips and visits.  These are really enjoyable and not only support learning but help you make friends and enjoy the journey’

All of our senior students have been appointed and have been very impressive in the way they supported Year 6 transition days and have started to think about house competitions, charity fund raising ideas, cultural days and experiences and creating House Shields to represent the three Houses more visibly around the school. 

House Captains

Jenner – Tabitha J
Attenborough – Kasheefa O
Parks – Ceanna B

Sports Captains – Sophie P,  Kaniz O & Kim D
Performing Arts Captains – Lia S, Alex C & Will H


House Mentors

Jenner – Charlotte D & Maddie N
Attenborough - Hollie C, Laticia D & Alex C
Parks - Yasmin B

Prefects - Lisa H, Alana M, Rhys A, Caitlin K, Chloe H-H, Cerys M, Scarlett P, Jasmine B, Jazmin J


As a school, we are very much looking forward to working with the senior students across the next academic year.

Mrs Rayfield