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Author Visit: Julian Sedgwick

On 10th May, we hosted an author visit, with Julian Sedgwick coming to our school. Julian was one of the 2022 shortlisted Carnegie authors for his book, ‘Tsunami Girl’ and our Carnegie shadowing group voted for this book as our favourite!

Julian has written several books and is particularly fascinated with East Asia, having set books in both China and Japan. His current talk and workshop focus on his experiences, with a particular emphasis on Japan. The Y7 and Y8 year groups were fortunate to be able to listen to his talk and afterwards, 30 Y8 students participated in the workshop.

Here are some student reviews about the day:

During Julian Sedgwick's talk, he explained the different passions he had at different stages of his life. He went on to tell some ghost stories that he had discovered in Japan. He used ghostly sound effects throughout, creating tension and atmosphere. He also showed some of the books that he had written. Then, he read one of his books called 'Tsunami Girl' which was set in Japan, as he had visited it many times in his life and was inspired by it. 
I hadn't known before that Japan was such a spiritual place, so found his talk very interesting. Some people, including me, were fortunate enough to be invited to a workshop with him afterwards, where we were planning ghost stories. With our groups we were able to create a mind map which incorporated all of the ideas that we had come up with. - Isla Jackson 


I really enjoyed Julian Sedgwick's talk as it was both informative and entertaining. Other than hearing about his book I particularly enjoyed learning about Japan's culture such as how spiritual they are. One thing I really liked about his talk is he told us about people's real stories and experiences from the tsunami. As well as this he also showed clips and photos from when he was in Japan, showing places where the earthquake hit and a comparison of how it looks now. Later on, he did a workshop where he talked a little bit more about the spiritual side to Japan and we then had the opportunity in groups to plan our own ghost stories. I found working in groups, where we could be as creative as we liked, whilst also having a structure, as there was different steps to planning our stories, really helpful and fun. Overall, I really enjoyed his visit because it was both fascinating and engaging. - Imogen Buckley


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