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Charity Day

As you will be aware, we are very proud to support local and national charities throughout the year through various fundraising events and activities in school. Every year, each House nominates a charity to support and this year the students selected the following charities:

Teenage Cancer Trust
Winston’s Wish. 

The senior students and school council have decided that we should look to do more than nonschool uniform days to raise money for our charities so as a school we will be running our first focused charity day in support of Winston’s Wish.

On Friday 23rd June, students will be invited to attend school in non-school uniform for £1. The money raised from this will be split between the three house charities as usual. In addition to the non-school uniform day, students will also be able to add to the efforts of staff and the senior students in cycling or rowing the distance between Barnwood Park School and Land’s End in Cornwall, a distance of 368.5km or 229 miles!

For a minimum donation of 50p, students will be able to sign up to help us on our way for 10 minutes of their lunch time on the 23rd June. We will have spin bikes and rowing machines set up to allow students to participate and help us reach Land’s End by the end of the school day.

There is also a raffle with some amazing prizes including a fantastic chocolate bouquet, that have kindly been donated and students will be able to buy tickets in form time all of next week and from Mr Allen at breaktime.

We are really excited to be starting a different approach to raising much needed funds for the charities that the students have chosen to support and we hope that you will be able to support the event by ensuring your child has cash to buy raffle tickets or help the staff and senior students get to Land’s End. Non-school uniform monies will be payable on the day via form time collection or in advance via ScoPay.