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The Geography department aims to engage and inspire students to be passionate about the world in which they live. Our intent is for our learners to develop a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. Students are encouraged to question critically in order to develop their research skills and in order to analyse geographical issues more objectively. Naturally, their literacy and numeracy skills develop in tandem. We wish our students to embrace a responsible attitude towards their world, developing transferable skills in preparation for later life. 

At the start of KS3 we build upon and consolidate their geographical learning from KS2. Students will extend their knowledge of the world’s major countries and their physical and human features. They will learn how to apply knowledge and conceptual understanding to new settings and will ‘think like a geographer’. Students will become confident in their knowledge of both physical and human geography.

Year 7

Students will focus on the geography of the UK, building upon their physical and human knowledge of their ‘home’ country; increasing their locational and place knowledge through a variety of skills.  The following units will be covered: An introduction to the UK; Physical landscapes in the UK; Weather and climate in the UK; The People of the UK

Year 8

Students will continue to build upon the skills and knowledge learned in Y7 and consider aspects of the wider world by investigating global issues.  They will study real life examples at a variety of scales. They will understand physical and human processes through the study of Our physical world; Our Living world; and their knowledge of place will be advanced through the topic of Africa. 

Year 9

Students will develop greater aptitude in using geographical knowledge, geographical skills in analysing and interpreting different data sources. They will continue to deepen their locational knowledge and spatial and environmental understanding. Students will focus on both UK and World issues and cover the following topics: World Cities; Unequal World; Climate Change

AQA course

The examination offered in KS4 is the AQA Geography GCSE in which students study the following:


Students will participate in two contrasting fieldwork visits. Students visit Bishops Wood to investigate fluvial processes. For their human study, students visit Bristol Harbour to investigate regeneration in the area.