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Who may benefit from Early Help?

All school staff should be particularly alert to the potential need for Early Help for a child who: 

  • Has mental health needs 

  • Is a young carer 

  • Has SEND 

  • Has returned home from care 

  • Is persistently absent from school or with patterns of absence 

  • Lives in a home with alcohol or drugs misuse 

  • Is living with domestic violence  

(Source KCSIE 2023) 


Early Help at Barnwood Park School is also offered in relation to the following areas in collaboration with other agencies: 

  • Lack of engagement in learning or lack of academic progress 

  • Developmental and learning or Speech and language delay 

  • Emotional and behavioural needs 

  • Child on Child abuse or Teenage Relationship Abuse 

  • Harmful Sexualised Behaviour 

  • Hate Incidents towards those with characteristics protected under the Equality Act 2010 

  • Parenting skills 

  • Involvement or associations with Gangs and Youth Violence  

  • Gender based violence or abuse (violence against women and girls, including FGM) 

  • Honour Based Abuse or violence 

  • Health and nutrition 

  • Radicalisation or Extremism 

  • Sharing of nude and or semi-nude images 

  • Child Sexual or Criminal Exploitation 

  • Bereavement 

  • Physical Health 

  • Risk of not being in Education or Employment post 16 


Examples of Early Help: 

  • Family Support 

  • Food Bank Referral 

  • School Nurse Support 

  • Housing Support 

  • Mentoring and Tutoring 

  • Behaviour Support 

  • Attendance Support 

  • Benefit Support