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From September 2020 RSE became statutory within all school settings in the UK. This was introduced to ensure that all students are educated around the topics that have been specified so that they all gain an awareness and understanding. The aim is also to ensure that they have the knowledge, and know the law to make the right decisions both now and in the future.

In PSHE lessons at Barnwood Park we follow ‘The PINK Curriculum’. This has been written by the Healthy Living and Learning team of Lead Teachers (in Gloucestershire) to meet the needs of all children and young people in Gloucestershire in primary, secondary and FE settings. There is evidence to say that health and well-being is fundamental to a child’s success and the aim is that it meets the needs of all students as they move through the key stages.

This curriculum was devised to teach and support students in school to develop the necessary skills, understanding and knowledge that they need to lead a healthy, happy and safe life, both whilst at Barnwood Park and when they leave at the end of Year 11

The PINK curriculum is free to all schools and settings in Gloucestershire. It is a curriculum that is full of differing topics that will help and support students. It also contains resources that we use in school to help to deliver these topics effectively.

At Barnwood Park we cover a variety of topics for all students in the different years. Some of these topics are to help them in their studies, others to prepare them for when they leave and we also look at topics that cover their health and wellbeing.



Topics that we study in Key Stage Three include:

  • How to manage friendships and relationships
  • How to maintain physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing including sexual health

  • How to make choices and decisions about health and wellbeing matters such as drugs, alcohol and smoking

  • How to maintain a healthy lifestyle looking at diet, exercise and hygiene

  • Understanding the importance of online safety

  • To understand the impact of someone who has dementia has on others.

  • To look at the difference between conflict and bullying and the effect bullying can have.

  • To look at taking risks and understand the impact this can have on others.

  • To look at and how to maintain emotional health and the importance of this.


Topics we study in Key Stage Four include:

  • To understand about parenthood and the consequences of teenage pregnancy
  • Understanding and managing emotions in loving and sexual relationships.
  • To understand about unhealthy relationships and domestic abuse
  • To look at various factors affecting teenagers and the effect this can have on someone’s health and wellbeing

  • To look at and understand about emotional health in particular feeling down and depression

  • Understanding about money

  • To understand and respect difference communities and different type of people – (eg disability, race, culture, gender)

  • To understand about discrimination and the effect this can have on people.

  • To look at topics that could affect students in the future


Within PSHE we have invited in organisations and individuals to talk about some of the topics. These have included:

  • Chelsea’s choice

  • Knife crime/crime stoppers

  • The police


  • Nick Gazzard from the Hollie Gazzard Trust

  • Lloyds bank

  • Careers advice

  • Teenage Cancer Trust

  • School Nurse/Sexual Health Nurse

  • NCS

  • Army/Marines

  • Organ donation

We also have a visit to Gloucester Crown Court to see a morning’s session – this is for Y10 students and they get to see what happens in a court session. They also get to talk to the judge and ask questions about the law and about the cases that they had seen that morning.

The PSHE overview will give more details of what topic is taught within each year group and when.